Cathedral History

Holy Angels parish was established in 1906. The current church structure was elevated to a cathedral when the Diocese of Gary was established in 1956. Although the altar was anointed the church building was never formally dedicated. In 1972, Bishop Grutka, the first Bishop of Gary, authorized the cathedral's first renovation. In 1997, Bishop Melczek, third Bishop of Gary, commissioned a renewal and renovation of the cathedral. On January 26, 1998, Bishop Dale Melczek anointed the altar and dedicated the renewed Cathedral of the Holy Angels.

The entire design of this worship space is expressive of the journey of Christian life and the ordering of God’s Church. Entering through the narthex, one is led to the baptismal font, where Christian life begins. Once in God’s household, members are called forward to the altar to be fed at the holy table in order to be strengthened to do the work of Christ in ministry. From the altar, one sees the cathedra (bishop’s chair), from which the bishop oversees the work of Christ carried out by his members.

The design of the green terrazzo as it moves from the narthex around the font to encircle the altar also branches out into the presbytery and the assembly.

Thus, our journey as believers leads us from font to altar to ministry. This cycle continues each week as we enter the church, renewing our baptism as we bless ourselves at the font. From the font, we take our place around the table of the Word and Eucharist to be nourished at the altar. As we participate in the act of Christ’s sacrifice, we learn what we must do. From the altar, we are sent to minister as Christ ministers.